The days are getting longer – How can you optimise your PR?


At long last, the country can breathe a sigh of relief, as one of the harshest winters in years seems to be coming to an end. Now we can start to look forward to warmer temperatures and longer days. For those in the Solar industry, this means more generation hours per day. Now is the perfect time of year to prepare for when production is at its highest, and to ensure that you are getting the best Performance Ratio from your sites in order to optimise financial returns.

The usual factors which affect the PR such as dirty panels or shading , are simple enough problems to determine and with obvious solutions. However there are many other variables that cause system losses. Some of these are not as easy to spot nor as simple to rectify, particularly during winter, when there is a much higher percentage variation in production.

In some cases such problems as poor efficiency of the panels, or poor performance of inverters contribute to conduction losses. With the transmission of energy from the inverter to the energy export meter of the grid operator, conduction losses may occur depending on the type and material of the cable used. The PR value can be significantly reduced by these conduction losses. All such problems need to be detected and remedied as quickly as possible and tested thereafter to ensure that the problem has been resolved.

To ensure these problems are accurately diagnosed, the correct test equipment must be used. The equipment that is required can vary depending on the type and specification of the installation.

If you would like to get your site in the best possible shape to take full advantage of the summer sun, whether it is a panel clean, grass trim or a full string test that you need, call us today.