Those Pesky little Lambs – Protective fences around string boxes a must


The first few weeks of spring is always a most glorious time for the Great British countryside. As brightly coloured flora and fauna burst into life, a breath of fresh air, and a sense of warmth is felt all around us.

During this time, there are other new arrivals to consider too, as many young lambs born during the first part of the lambing season will just be finding their feet. As they start to discover their exciting new worlds, their inquisitive young minds are capable of finding mischief wherever possible.

In the case of Solar Farms inhabited by sheep, this means taking necessary precautions to reduce the risk of the lambs from nibbling at things which they are incapable of perceiving as dangerous. Plastic conduit around string box cabling will usually provide adequate protection against the elements at ground level, but not always against lambs.

As we know, one damaged cable can affect the performance of the whole string, so the risks are not only to the health of the lambs, but can also be a health hazard to the Solar Farm itself

Therefore, if you are planning to use your site for grazing, it makes perfect sense to use protective fences around the string boxes (or string inverters) as a simple and very cost effective solution. As well as being simple to install, they require little or no maintenance without hindering access for the engineers to the equipment when required

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