Our Team

The people that make our company

Our Team

The entire team at PSH Operations have many years of renewable energy experience, and therefore have a wide and varied approach to business and the needs of the industry. The team have built a compelling reputation for quality, process and trust. Below are just a few of the people whom make the company succeed.

Nicola Waters, Managing Director

Nicola has worked in the energy industry since 2008 and joined Push Energy as COO in January 2016. She has experience delivering projects in corporate and start-up environments and has been successful in building and managing teams, creating innovative strategies and developing effective routes to market. Nicola has a Masters Degree in Engineering from Nottingham University and an MBA from the London Business School.

Email Nicola: nicola@pshoperations.com

Glenn Lockhart, Board Director

Glenn has spent 16 years as a purchasing and procurement professional, sourcing globally and managing logistics across a variety of industry sectors – the police, NHS and the financial asset management industry. He has been Managing Director of PS Renewables since conception and has been instrumental in driving the growth and direction of our company.

Stuart Bradshaw, Board Director

Stuart, a chartered accountant, co-founded the Push group in 2012, following a 6 month, 2MW, learning curve in small scale FIT based Solar. The Push Group has grown to 50 employees and has successfully achieved planning permission on 180MW of solar. It was a personal ambition that led to Push Build becoming an EPC, successfully connecting 140MW of solar plants costing £100m. Stuart continues to lead business development and strategy as the group looks to diversify its activities beyond solar.

Adrian Mozas, Board Director

Adrian has worked in the energy industry since 2005, focusing on solar projects in Spain, Italy, Japan, the Americas and UK. A trusted manager of global teams, delivering projects from start to finish. He has been successfully involved in the acquisition, development, construction and sale of more than 450 MW of solar assets around the world and has an engineering degree from the University of Valencia.

Peregrine Fraser, Board Director

Peregrine has worked in energy and sustainability since 2008, after a first career in the IT industry. He brings unique insight into PSH and the wider Push Energy group, having worked as developer, EPC, principal funder and technical consultant. Peregrine will drive the growth and diversification of the company as we play our part in building a smarter, more flexible generation of energy assets.