Our Vision

We aim to lead the industry so that O&M is recognised as vital, and become the preferred partner for solar farm owners in the UK.

Houses powered

430,000 across the UK

Acres of land

8,000 acres covered

Sheep Grazing

20,000+ grazing that land

An introduction

PSH was created in July 2017 as a joint venture between two of the UK’s most trusted and experienced O&M providers - PS Renewables and Push Energy. We are now established as one of the UK's leading solar O&M companies managing over 1.6GW across more than 300 sites.

Our Service Mission

We are committed to always doing what we say we’re going to do, adapting quickly to market changes and focusing on delivering what our customers actually need.

Delivering Service Excellence

We provide services to 33 clients; half of our growth since 2017 was from existing clients who have been impressed with our services; we believe this is a testament to our work. We recognise the needs of our clients focus in three main areas:

Core services

Safe and transparent operations, ensuring that the sites are constantly monitored, response times are fast, lots of HV qualified staff to support the portfolio we manage, comprehensive preventative maintenance, downtime in low irradiance when works need to be done, GPS tracking and on-site reporting.

Risk Management

The most advanced post-warranty protection in the industry, including both ex manufacturer technicians but also fully trained staff and service contracts with manufacturers, strategic spare parts management, root cause analysis, fault prediction and prevention, and grid expertise. This part of our offer is very different to what other O&M providers in the marketplace are offering today.

Project Revenue

Including repowering, ancillary services and bespoke project works, all organised by a separate team so that response times and day to day O&M services are not adversely impacted.